Las Vegas Review Journal

Virtual reality movies, games and ads may be coming to a movie theater near you

“As for the cavernous “warehouse,” the whole thing fit inside a 20-foot-by-30-foot room. It was astounding.” – Christopher Lawrence
The Verge

The movie business is in denial

“..their brick-and-mortar physicality makes them ripe for transformation into entertainment destinations that offer a variety of options..” – Bryan Bishop
The Hollywood Reporter

ILM Alumni Startup Nomadic Combines Virtual Reality With Production

“The company is already talking to content partners, including studios, and distribution partners, such as theater owners.” – Carolyn Giardina

Nomadic wants to bring VR you can feel to your local movie theater

“..what a cool feeling it is to reach for a virtual object and get the perfect tactile feedback..” – Lucas Matney
Fast Company

Can a Location-based VR Startup Help Revive Shopping Malls and Cinemas?

“What may be more interesting is the company’s strategic plan, which is centered around developing partnerships..” – Daniel Terdiman